Urban Arrow Electric Bikes Available Now At Victory Ebikes In Newport Beach!

Urban Arrow

Urban Arrow is the world’s leading manufacturer of electric cargo bikes. It has an ever-expanding network now of over 500 authorized dealers worldwide. At Victory Ebikes, we are proud to offer Urban Arrow as an option for families needing to transport the kids or other precious cargo.

Urban Arrow’s clean and quiet electric mobility products serve both families and businesses. Innovation, research, and development are deeply part of the Urban Arrow DNA. Their portfolio of ebikes is characterized by the high build quality and supreme riding comfort.

After ten years as a successful and independently pioneering company, Urban Arrow was incorporated into the Pon Bicycle Group in November of 2019. This further cements the legitimacy of the cargo bike product group within the global cycling industry. Through this incorporation, Urban Arrow is set to gain substantial forward momentum in the years to come.

Victory Ebikes in Newport Beach, CA has Urban Arrow electric bikes available for pick up now! Pack the kids or pack the gear and get riding!

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