Electric Bikes of Newport Beach Services all Ebikes, Scooters and Regular Bikes

Electric Bikes of Newport Beach provides expert repair services for Ebikes, Scooters, and Pedal Bicycles. Our skilled mechanics are available 7 days a week.

We offer services such as Complete Tune-ups, Brake Pad Replacement, Electrical Issues, Batteries, Derailleur Adjustment, Cassette and Shifting Issues, Tube and Tire Replacement, and general maintenance.

We service popular brands including Super 73, Bosch, Gazelle, Cube, Himiway, Mokwheel, Magicycle, Ride1up, Rad Power, Murf, Xero2, Lectric, Specialized, Trek, Giant, Electra, and Segway. Additionally, we have a wide range of accessories for your ebike, scooter, and regular bicycles.