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Victory eToro Fat Tire Scooter

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We are offering the Victory eToro Scooter for $2,495.00 which is a huge savings and offers the following amazing advantages:

No California Drivers License Required 

Does not need to be registered

No Helmet Required (except for those 16 and under)

No Insurance Required

Massive Savings on Gasoline since it's Electric

Goes up to 40 MPH

Goes up to 40 miles on a single charge (based upon driving habits)

The Victory eToro Scooter is fun and a great value with features like:

2,000 Watts of Power

21 Amp Lithium Ion Battery

Dual LED Headlights

Rear Trunk

Dual Rear Shocks and Front Shocks

Remote Power and Alarm

Rear Storage

Includes limited 3 year warranty, and our free tune up program as long as you own the scooter.*

We will tune scooter up for free every six months, but does not include repairs due to normal usage.

This is a high quality scooter that easily holds two people and enables you to have a great experience whether for going to work, school, or just around town.

Here in Newport Beach at our main location, this is our go to scooter for our rental fleet due to its reliability, ease of use, and lack of maintenance issues.



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